Seguiriyas lesson #2

You learn some first llamadas and falsetas por Seguiriyas.
Aprendes algunas primeras llamadas and falsetas for Seguiriyas.

00:00  Introduction
02:38  Three techniques to play a 'llamada'
08:22  Llamadas of two and three compases
10:39  Recap and example
12:28  Variations of the compás
18:26  Falseta traditional style
20:05  Falseta Tino
22:58  Alzapúa
28:32  Tino plays the complete falseta

30:34  End of this lesson

  • First watch the top video of the entire lesson
  • Then play along with the On Screen Scores
  • Use the in-player English subtitles
  • Slow down the video by hitting the gear symbol
  • Use the keyboard arrow keys to rewind or fast forward

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